Wi-Fi module "mod"

IT stuff Oct 9, 2020

Grandma got a new laptop, her laptop from ~2008 simply didn't have the resources to run stuff in 2020.  
Her replacement laptop was also not new, but a big upgrade and very usable in the next few years.  
The downside - it did not have a Wi-Fi module. It originally came with one, so adding one wasn't a problem, but I totally forgot to source one.  
Not a big of a problem, the old laptop had one that would work just fine.

Or so I thought.  

The new laptop had a smaller cutout for the Wi-Fi module, where the old laptop's module would not fit into.  
Usually that's a problem, since normally the Printed circuit board (PCB) are used completely - taking some off will result in breaking the module.  
But not with this one!

Top part is see through, no electronics
Top part is see through, no electronics

The top bit is see-through and doesn't show any traces of traces (hah) or other electronics. So it's safe to remove the see-through part.  

Now comes the fun part, removing the removable parts of the PCB!  
I used a grinding machine for this, the one in the background.  

Grinding machine used is in the background of the photo.
Grinding machine used is in the background of the photo.

After a bit of back and forth with the module, this is what I ended up with. Some error of margin left, so I didn't accidentally removed too much.  

Grinded down PCB
Grinded down PCB

And the replacement laptop was happy with the old Wi-Fi module!

Wi-Fi is connected
Wi-Fi is connected


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