MOT 2020 - Part 3, MOT test

MOT 2020 Aug 3, 2020

Today at 8 AM was the scheduled appointment for the MOT test at the VW dealer. The waiting was nerve wrecking, even though there was nice coffee available at the lounge.

The dealership lounge, with a view on brand new cars
The dealership lounge, with a view on brand new cars

I tried to calm down and convince myself that it isn’t that big of an issue, last year was also in and out with the freshly renewed MOT. And that was with a lot more work that had to be done.  
I saw it as a opportunity to do something similar to exposure therapy, to make myself believe more that it’s all not as bad.  
It worked a tad, it wasn’t great but it was definitely better than nothing.  
But then came the “Please take a seat first”, and a quote of €1570 for reparations necessary to pass the MOT.

MOT test results
MOT test results

Failure points: exhaust emissions exceeded allowed CO levels, and both headlights were too faded to provide an accurate light image.

The day was over at 8 am in the morning, and I really had trouble convincing myself that I could keep the car. After all, I did not have anywhere near €1600 in savings, nor could I organize loans to finance that bill.  
So I did what I did always, lurk the internet in search for cheap but good replacement parts, finding the best deals I could get.
And so I did, for not even a quarter what the official dealer quoted I found all the parts and extra’s in consumables I needed to do it properly.  
Downside was, I had to do the work myself. While it’s somewhat scary to dive that deep into the “unknown” world of car mechanics, it was either that or give up the car. So there wasn’t really that much to loose.    
So I told the German friend I would be visiting soon anyway if he would like to help me with the MOT, instead of the other things we had planned to do on my car.

He was okay with that, and with that in mind my mood went up immensely.

The actual repairs are coming soon in the next part =]


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